What is QDExpress?

muffinsQD Express is the fastest way for you to enjoy fresh baked Quality Dairy donuts, rolls, muffins, Party Sub & Cookie Trays and more in bulk! Pre-order and your items will be made fresh and delivered to your favorite QD Location boxed and ready for you to pick them up on the date of your choice.

If you’re tired of picking through the QD Bakery Case to find the right donuts for everyone at the office, then QD Express is the place for you.

If you always get stuck picking up the donuts before the big meeting, QD Express will be your best friend, saving you time and energy, allowing you to order tomorrow’s donuts from the comfort of your own home or office.

And now you can also order Party Sub Trays and Cookie Trays for your office luncheon or big game party!

Simply log on, select your items and place your order.

…those fresh baked QD delights or QD Deli Subs will be ready for pick up when the store opens on the date of your choice. Everything is made fresh and will be boxed & waiting for you at your favorite one of our 26 Greater Lansing Area Quality Dairy locations.

Orders for next day pick up MUST BE placed BEFORE 12:00 NOON (Eastern Time).